Visit to the National Library of Wales

the-national-libraryWe are hoping to arrange a visit for cataloguers to the National Library of Wales in a few months time, and would like to canvass opinion.




1) Would you be interested in such a visit?

2) What would you hope to see while there?

3) What would you hope to learn / gain from this visit?

4) Would you prefer the visit to be in December or January (or another month entirely!)?

Please get in touch and let us know what you think – either by email or Twitter @cataloguewales or on our Jiscmail list.



Do you catalogue Welsh & Bi-lingual books – Or know someone who does?

I’ve just completed a report on the availability and quality of records for Welsh and bi-lingual books.

The National Library of Wales, Welsh Books Council , BDS and Nielsen have helped me to take a snapshot of where we are now with the production of CIP and full-level records . Everyone is committed to speeding up the supply of records and to improving their quality. Discussions have taken place and some ideas have been placed on the table but to make sure that everyone benefits we need to know what your experience of sourcing and editing CIP and full-level records is.

My report  is written from the point of view of a Capita user but it’s important that colleagues using different LMS’s summarise their experiences.

Please contact me for a copy of the report and let me know:

•             Which LMS you use

•             Where you get your CIP & full-level records for Welsh & bi-lingual books from

•             Whether you can import and overwrite records either singly or in batches

•             Whether you have any additional comments, recommendations etc. to add to the report

If you could respond to me by 15th November that would be brilliant.

Thanks very much!

RDA (Resource Description and Access) Workshop Cardiff 22nd August 2013

Twenty seven cataloguers from across Wales and beyond converged on Cardiff University for a workshop organised by Dr Karen Pierce and presented by Jenny Wright, lead RDA cataloguer/trainer with BDS.

RDA trainer Jenny Wright

RDA trainer Jenny Wright

RDA is the new cataloguing standard which replaces AACR2 and many public and academic libraries are already using RDA records, supplied by BDS since January 2013, as part of their cataloguing workflow.

Six months in to the new regime this was an ideal time to benefit from an RDA refresher and get clarification on BDS’s decisions regarding the optional elements of the new standards.

Jenny provided an introduction to RDA, its history and the conceptual model (FRBR) on which it is based; a look at the web-based rules in the RDA Toolkit; an examination of the principal differences between RDA and AACR2; and how to code RDA records in MARC21.

The training was excellent and there was plenty of opportunity for colleagues to ask Jenny questions and swap experiences.


Hopefully some of the conversations started at the meeting will continue into the future because the agreement to adopt a shared LMS for Welsh higher education and the National Library of Wales provides a real opportunity for collaborative cataloguing initiatives. If you are revising your cataloguing policies and workflows with reference to RDA why not share them with Cataloguers in Wales?

Join the Cataloguers in Wales’s mailing list or use twitter #cataloguersinWales or our blog to share your thoughts.

Cataloguers in Wales would like to thank the CILIP Wales Kathleen Cooks Fund for supporting this event.


Jane Daniels

Cardiff Metropolitan University