Do you catalogue Welsh & Bi-lingual books – Or know someone who does?

I’ve just completed a report on the availability and quality of records for Welsh and bi-lingual books.

The National Library of Wales, Welsh Books Council , BDS and Nielsen have helped me to take a snapshot of where we are now with the production of CIP and full-level records . Everyone is committed to speeding up the supply of records and to improving their quality. Discussions have taken place and some ideas have been placed on the table but to make sure that everyone benefits we need to know what your experience of sourcing and editing CIP and full-level records is.

My report  is written from the point of view of a Capita user but it’s important that colleagues using different LMS’s summarise their experiences.

Please contact me for a copy of the report and let me know:

•             Which LMS you use

•             Where you get your CIP & full-level records for Welsh & bi-lingual books from

•             Whether you can import and overwrite records either singly or in batches

•             Whether you have any additional comments, recommendations etc. to add to the report

If you could respond to me by 15th November that would be brilliant.

Thanks very much!